The importance of why you should register trademark Indonesia

The importance of why you should register trademark Indonesia

Thus, here is the importance of why you should register trademark indonesia is necessary. When it comes to making a product, you need a symbol or word that represents an identity and distinguishes from others.

That’s why you need a trademark as special characteristics to make both service and product of your company unique. People can conveniently identify your business. Especially in Indonesia, you can get more advantage when registering your brand.

The importance of Trademark Registration in Indonesia You Need to Know

1. To Get an Exclusive Right and Protection from the Government

The main importance of trademark registering in your company is to get exclusive rights from the government.

You can get the guarantee of the legal protection of the rights of the trademark owner and the brand that you registered can get protection in the eyes of the law. This is clearly regulated in Indonesian law. There is a copyright law in 2002 which was passed directly by the President.

This protection is the main weapon to protect the originality of your company’s brand that you are establishing. So, if there is a business that is copying the products that you make, you can prosecute their responsibility for their unlawful actions.

You can save your brand name for your company. That’s why you can get benefit from trademark registration as it is protected by existing laws.

2. Reducing the Risk of Counterfeit

With advances in information technology that exist today, the high number of plagiarisms in various fields is significantly increasing including in the term of business needs. Once registered, your trademark will have government recognition and prioritization.

For these reasons, the business that you make with branding will be safe from plagiarism that may be done by your competitors.

3. To Add Your Business Value

Branding is one of the greatest assets of a company. Even using this method, some companies that are close to bankruptcy can survive by bringing in more investors.

The value of branding will be even more valuable if your company has been officially registered with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. Because without recognition from a legal entity, your brand will be used by any party and there is no selling point.

4. To Maintain Your Company Image and Consumer Trust About Your Product

Without a clear trademark status, the business will be worthless. It is because everyone can copy the products that you make. There are some impacts that you can have if you don't register your brand. Moreover, there are so many online businesses that are growing nowadays.

Thus, trademark Indonesia registration is an important thing for your business. A registered brand helps the customer to choose the original products that have good quality.

Those are some important things that you need to be familiar with if you do the registered trademark on your product. as said before, your company will get more value because it has legality in the eyes of the local’s law. Therefore, it is better if trademark registration should be done as soon as possible to avoid competitors using or plagiarizing similar marks and names from your brand. 

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