Process and Advantages of Indonesia Trademark Registration

Process and Advantages of Indonesia Trademark Registration

Through Indonesia trademark registration indonesia trademark registration patendo the owner can protect their rights and take legal action against any unauthorized use of the mark there. A trademark itself is generally understood to be something that clearly distinguishes a person, a business, or a legal organization. By using designs, symbols, colors, pictures, text, or a combination of these, it distinguishes one from another.

The Process of Indonesia Trademark Registration 

An object's brand or product can be legally distinguished by its trademark. The trademark application will receive approval from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property and be entered into the Indonesia trademark database. Thus, it is protected by intellectual property (IP). The following are the steps involved in  trademark registration in Indonesia.

1. Look for a Consultant in Intellectual Property Rights

Looking for an Intellectual Property Rights consultant is a crucial thing to do. It is definitely involved in the process of registering the Indonesian trademark, especially for foreigners. For the processing of their trademark registration application, foreign applicants must provide a Power of Attorney and Declaration of Entitlement signed by a local IP consultant.

2.  Search for Trademarks in Indonesia

By conducting a trademark search in Indonesia, you can make sure that the trademark you want to register complies with the Trademark Act No. 15 of 2001. Additionally, this will guarantee that the trademark does not violate moral principles or conflict with public order. Make sure no one else has registered a trademark that is comparable to the one you are considering.

3. Complete the Registration Procedure

You must finish the registration process before moving on. Complete all three phases of the trademark registration process completely to improve your application's chances of being accepted. A formal assessment, an in-depth evaluation, and the announcement are all parts of the process.


The processing and approval of the trademark application would take between 12 and 24 months. The trademark will then be subsequently added to WIPO Indonesia's lists. Pre-filing Search, Request for Registration, and Final Registration/Certificate are all fees that an applicant must pay. The costs and fees change depending on the kind of products or services a firm wishes to purchase.

The Advantages of Registering a Trademark in Indonesia  

In Indonesia, where there is a significant rate of piracy, patenting the goods and services with a trademark is a crucial step. If you register your trademark in Indonesia, you'll get the following benefits:

  • The company has exclusive rights to defend its products and services from third parties' allegations of infringement.
  • In some cases, a trademark owner who is involved in legal disputes can obtain legal support.
  • According to Trademark Act No. 15 of 2001, the person or legal organization who submitted the brand application first shall be given priority to use the trademark.
  • A strong and reliable trademark increases the value of the goods or services. The company can utilize this trademark to increase consumer awareness of their brand.

That concludes the advantages and step by step directions regarding Indonesia trademark registration. It may help the applicants, both locals and foreigners, to register their trademark.

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